Monday, May 18, 2009

Hi, everybody!

Hi there! No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth. I honestly did try to post while we were in Taiwan but kept getting distracted (gee, wonder why!) and never got the post finished. And since we've been home, I've been a little focused on the new joy of my life! :-)

Kaley is now home (YEA, GOD! THANK YOU!) and has adjusted beautifully! She bonded with us almost immediately in Taiwan and since we've come home, it's even better. She knows we are "her people" and even calls Michael "baba" (Chinese for "dad"). She's said "mama" a couple of times, too! She's a verryyy happy baby and her smile just lights up the room.

We have such a wonderful church family at Crossmark that we arrived home to a clean house, happy dogs and food in the fridge...even flowers on the counter! (Love you all! Thanks again!) It sure made the first week sooo much easier.

When we arrived at The Home of God's Love, Kaley, as well as several other babies and a couple workers, were sick. Within the week that we were there, Michael and I caught the tummy-bug, too, but by the end of the first week home, we were all healthy and had made it past the jetlag and time change. Getting a baby to turn her days and nights around on a permanent basis is a challenge but Kaley did beautifully (in SC, we are exactly 12 hours different than at the Home of God's Love in Taiwan, so the first several days we were all waking up at 2:00 in the morning wanting lunch! It's nice to be back on a normal time schedule now.)

Kaley is a very active, alert and inquisitive little girl. She's very good at army-crawling; gets up on her knees, too, but then can't seem to get it all to work together...too cute! She loves to run around in her walker and bounce in the jumparoo to anything musical. She's eating well and loves to feed herself snacks (when she's not sharing them with the dogs).

I've not been able to upload the pictures yet but we are taking lots, so I'll get some up in the next day or so. For now, here's the first picture we took as a family, at a tea field up the road from the Home in Taiwan.
Thank you, amaze us every day!


Brad, Carmen, Braylen and Alea Fleck said...

Kim, everything sounds like it is going great! Very normal for internationally adopted babies to come home sick, have nights and days mixed up, even have feeding issues. You are doing great!!! Both of my girls came home sick and honestly, I think that helped the bonding, because we got lots and lots of snuggles in!!! Kaley is beautiful and you and Michael look so happy!

dwayne and melanie said...

what a beautiful family

A said...

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family!

We just sent out application last week to The Home of God's Love. We are happy to have found your blog.


Kim said...

Thanks, Andrea. So glad to know of another family who wants one of those amazing little ones over there. You will love The Home of God's Love, Ted & Bev and their whole team. And if we can help or answer any questions, just let me know. I know going through this process is walking into the great unknown but believe me, it is sooooo worth it in soooo many ways. If you want to e-mail me privately, it's kdcottle @ comcast . net .

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The Annessa Family said...

Not sure if you still check these...but my husband and I are considering Home of Gods Love for our adoption. If you have time it would be great to talk with you!

Brooke & Mike

Teri said...

What a doll she is! Beautiful fun to find your blog!

lizakatowcka said...

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